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Rope Light

Rope Light

If you are looking for a new and creative way to light up your home, our rope lights will be the perfect solution. Rope lighting is a flexible, outdoor rated PVC tubing with light bulbs that are evenly spaced on the inside. This lighting style is popular for creating ambient interior lighting under cabinets and along recessed ceilings. Rope light is also a creative solution for outdoor landscape lighting as well as holiday decorating. Large rope light spools can be cut and connectors can be added added to create custom design configurations. Convenient pre-cut kits are also available for quick plug and play type installation projects.

Our spools of rope light can be cut using the printed dash lines and scissor icons located on the tubing itself. Please make sure to cut exactly on the indicated are or the rope lights will not properly light. Our LED rope light can be cut every 30 inches and our incandescent rope light can be cut every 18 inches.

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